Do You Have a Commitment Phobia?

It’s not because you have a face only your mother can love, nor because of your too long nose that you can’t get yourself into a relationship. In fact, you find it easy to talk to somebody and ask her out. It’s when you’re about to like her that much that you tend to withdraw.Chances are you have a commitment phobia. There are many causes of commitment phobias. One of the major causes is a traumatic incident during childhood or the significant formative years. This usually happens after parental separation or any experience of abuse or maltreatment which colors the way they perceive and take in their own relationships as adults.It’s easy to figure out a person who has commitment phobia. Many sufferers of commitment phobia are those who want to commit themselves seriously in a relationship and eventually get married, but they have unrealistic ideals for suitors. These are the people whom others usually consider too picky.Most of the time these people would tend to fall in love with people of the opposite sex who are not likely to commit with them which makes them safe from having to commit themselves for a long-term relationship.More often people who are suffering from commitment phobia are not open to discuss their views, opinions, and thoughts about living together or getting married. They also consider marrying as that of losing one’s self for the relationship to work.Usually a person with commitment phobia would tend to still flirt around and entice people of the opposite sex to be interested with them but eventually the fear sets in and everything crumbles.Some are even worse than that. They tend to shy away from attention because it might trigger somebody to start a relationship. They would device a way that would show anyone the way out before too long. This is their way of protecting themselves from people who would like to get close with them.Another thing a person who suffers from commitment phobia does is to hurt and annoy the person he or she loves simply to sabotage the relationship even if it is working well. This avoidance to commit is not only limited to relationships but to tasks and responsibilities as well. If you find yourself in this situation several times, it might be better to ask for medical help as soon as possible.