How a Simple Driving Mistake Created a Driving Phobia

A driving mistake can create a driving phobia in some people. These people have experienced a traumatic event and that is how most phobias originate. The brains new association between driving and fear. Now, not all people who get into a car accident will get a driving phobia. Some of the people that do get this type of phobia after a road incident already have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. A phobia is not really a mental illness but is a trigger to an already diagnosed anxiety disorder or a newly created one by the traumatic event.When even thinking about driving, does your body seem to go through anxiety like symptoms? If it does you may very well have this phobia. The anxiety feeling can range from very mild to high anxiety and anxiety attacks. The phobic type of cases usually are the group that experience an almost debilitating anxiety from the thought or act of driving. These cases are more likely to be the ones who refuse to drive and sit in their house because they are afraid to drive again.During whatever experience you might have had, your brain has taken in this correlation that driving equals danger. Now this happens because of the absolute shock and fear an individual feels as a result. Now when that individual even thinks about driving, hormones are triggered by the brain to produce the flight or fight response. These hormones cause the physical and mental symptoms that go hand in hand with high anxiety. All of this happens within milliseconds and is due to your endocrine system that is unconsciously controlled by your brain.Some of the symptoms are sweating, dizziness, feeling ill, shaking, fast heartbeat, paranoid thoughts and weak limbs. The worst cases of this driving phobia, some people even think they are going to die and loose control of themselves. There is a big urge to escape the situation and fast.There are treatment options for this type of phobia. You can seek therapy with a professional who specializes in phobias or even in driving phobias in particular. Phobias are treated as high anxiety caused by a specific trigger situation. You may be put on anti-anxiety drugs to help you cope with this fear. Although useful, therapy is costly and most people just can not afford to do this type of treatment. Especially because it can take many sessions to overcome a driving fear. Self help techniques are available in the form of books and programs. There are many that target the driving phobia itself.