How Our Blindspots May Be Creating Diseases For Us

What are psychological blindspots? They are parts of us on the mental and emotional levels that we are not able to see or we are not aware. Simply because we are too close to the subject matter, and that’s us.

So for example, we have a habit of saying some things, or we have a habit of doing some things and we are not aware of them because we do them so unconsciously. And we can only see them if someone else points them out to us. We need someone else, standing outside of us to tell us exactly what our blind spots are.

If you had a cake and the cream landed on your nose and you are not able to see it, there is no way you can see that yourself unless you are standing in front of a mirror. So people around you act as mirrors. They tell you what’s on your face.

The thing is, we have no problem having people tell us what’s on our faces because we don’t want to appear silly with cream on our noses so we don’t mind when people tell us this. BUT, we have a big issue when someone tells us about our mental or emotional blind spots. We get all worked up and are like: ‘who are you to tell me this is how I am or this is how I behave’ and so on.

On the route of personal development, we need to be a little bit more open to people telling us what our blind spots. Here’s a suggestion:

You could have a friend you trust to do this thing with you. Create a buddy system where you meet each other once a week or once a month to do this exchange where you share with each other, what you think are their blind spots. Now the trick with this is not to take anything personally because by giving permission to someone to tell you your blindspots, they are doing you a favour so do not attack them in return! Talk about the blind spots in a very factual way without attacking and without blaming, simply addressing them by saying something like: ‘you know when this happens you say that and I believe this is a blind spot so you decide if this is something that you want to be more aware of or if this is something you want to work on. The decision is yours, I’m not here to teach you, I’m not here to blame you I am just here to share’.

An example of a blind spot I want to share is my own experience. You know how you get into spiritual beliefs and spiritual teachings that tell us that everything we say has to be positive. So my thing at the time was that I had to say ‘yes’ because yes is a positive statement. So in my mind, I thought saying yes would be a good thing. However, I kept saying yes to the wrong thing! That was a teaching spiritual belief gone wrong. It taught me the wrong thing, it taught me to not say no to the right thing. What happened was, I kept saying yes to the wrong things and eventually I was burdened with too much to do, too much on my plate not knowing how to say no! What a blind spot!

What do these psychological blindspots do to our psychic bodies?

What are psychic bodies? Our psychic bodies are basically our energy body. Our energy body holds our emotions and our thoughts. When we have blindspots guess what happens? There is a very high chance, if we are not taking care of the blind spots, they become like stubborn stains.

You know the stains we have in our bathroom, or on our clothes, over a period of time the stain is going to change colour, and it is going to look worse and maybe bacteria or mould will build up around it? The same thing happens to the stains in our psychic bodies.

If we allow personal development and consciousness work to take a back seat and we lack awareness of our blind spots, over a period of time there is an accumulation of these mouldy energies. And the interesting thing is that, according to the law of attraction, if you have a build up of pride or anger in your psychic bodies what is going to happen is that it is going to attract even more anger, more energies of pride and over a period of time, you get a psychic tumour.

A psychic tumour is like a physical tumour, it becomes cancerous on the emotional and mental levels. These tumours get lodged within the chakras and the energy body. They also find their places within the energetic level of the liver, stomach, the reproductive system (this is one of the most popular places where tumours find their home). Psychic tumours also create holes in the aura, thereby allowing even more of these energies to enter into our system!

I am not being a fear monger here, but I am just bringing this to your attention because whether we are aware of them or not, they do exist. Sadness, anger, jealousy, they exist, you have experienced them, so where do they reside? Not your physical body, but definitely your emotional/psychic bodies.

You know to take a shower or bath when you are not clean physically, it is important to be able to do the same on the psychic level. Clear them through meditation. I like to offer you this free clearing meditation, it is available on my Fb group (under the announcement tab):

Most of my clients are using them because it helps to keep their energy bodies clear. You do not have to be religious or spiritual in any way to use the meditation even though there will be names that will be mentioned in the meditation that may sound kind of spiritual. If you don’t mind that and you just want something to help you like in a visualisation exercise to help you cleanse your psychic bodies, do download it for your personal usage.

Til next time, have a blessed day!

10 Foods to Prevent Cancer Diseases

Cancer is not a disease anymore. Yes, you read it right. According to a research conducted by Cambridge University it has revealed that cancer is just a vitamin deficiency and can be cured completely. But before explaining it in detail I would like you to know that there are cancer cells in every body, that’s right cancer cells exist in your body and my body as well. It only multiplies and spreads all over the body by deficiency of vitamin b17.

Cancer was first detected in soldiers of World War II where they had to travel long distances and fight without enough nutritious food. Since then the disease has been named incurable. However it is revealed that cancer can be cured and prevented by eating the following foods that are rich in Vitamin b17. Healthy eating is often neglected by us in our busy schedule and eating unhealthy food at irregular intervals triggers obesity and develops ulcers and other stomach disorders. Here are a few tips for healthy eating.


Cranberry fruit is an excellent source of vitamin b17. Drinking cranberry juice everyday is an excellent antioxidant for your body. It is also good for diabetics.


Almonds are high in vitamin b17 and eating 15 grams of almonds soaked overnight in mineral water and having it in your breakfast is an excellent food for starting your day.

Black Mulberry

Black mulberry is an excellent fruit that is rich in vitamin b17. Eating black mulberry everyday meets most of your vitamin requirements.


Strawberries are high in vitamin C and b17 regular intake of strawberries prevent diabetes and regulates your blood pressure and also prevents cancer.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are high in vitamin b17 and regular consumption will regulate blood pressure and prevent cancer.


Cashews are rich in vitamin b17 and are an excellent protein source for your body. Eating 10grams of cashew everyday in your breakfast is great to start your day.


Pistachios are also rich in vitamin b17 and are an excellent protein source. Eating 10 grams of it in your breakfast is great to start your day.


Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.), a member of the grass family, is a major cereal grain grown in temperate climates globally is an excellent source of vitamin b17. Drinking barley water prevents formation of kidney stones, clears toxins from stomach and reduces cholesterol.


Wheatgrass is an excellent efficacy for curing things like arthritis, diabetes, wound healing, bacterial infections, common colds, UTIs.


Amla or Indian gooseberry is an excellent fruit that is rich in vitamin C, vitamin b17. Eating this gooseberry everyday supplies all vitamins for your body.

Finally Wash your vegetables in vinegar before cooking and pour some vinegar over your utensils after washing with detergents as this will remove the toxic chemicals that trigger cancer in your body.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bat Diseases

Zoonotic viruses are those than can pass from one animal to another, and bats are known hosts to more than 60 of them. Furthermore, they are carriers of several other infectious viruses, bacteria, and parasites. However, just because a bat is a host does not mean they are infected, or even contagious. Continue reading to learn more about transmissible bat diseases, including the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions asked by readers just like you.

Which Diseases Can Bats Carry and Transmit?

Bats are most known for being carriers of the Rabies virus. It is also possible for bats to carry the SARS virus (severe acute respiratory syndrome), however, it is rare, and the transmission from bat to human is even rarer. Other than zoonotic viruses, bats can also cause additional health concerns. Their droppings (also known as guano ) can grow fungi spores ( Histoplasma Capsulatum ) that become airborne. If inhaled, it can cause a respiratory illness known as Histoplasmosis , which can be incredibly severe for young children, elderly folks, and those with weakened immune systems. Bats can also cause parasitic outbreaks, including lice, bat mites, bed bugs, and fleas.

What Happens if a Person Gets Rabies?

When a human has contracted rabies, they will start to display particular signs, in which case they will need to go to the emergency room immediately. These signs will appear similar to the flu or common cold, with symptoms like headache and fever. As the virus progresses, other signs such as dizziness, rage, and confusion. The incubation period for rabies in the average person is about five to seven days. All cases of rabies in humans were fatal until the vaccine was invented in the early 1900's. Now, if a person is ever infected with Rabies, he or she can go to the emergency room and receive effective treatment to stop the virus from multiplying.

Can Pets Get Infected?

All of these illnesses and parasites can all be transmitted to both people and pets. It is important to have your pet properly vaccinated every year to prevent complications or fatalities that result from a wild animal attack or bite. Common pet vaccines include: Rabies, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, Distemper, Parvovirus, Adenovirus, and Parainfluenza. Vaccinations are important for humans as well, especially children and those with weakened immune systems.

How Do Bats Transmit Diseases?

The most common means of bacterial or viral transmission is through blood or saliva. This often occurs in the form of a bat bite or scratch. In most cases, a person bitten by a bat will be instructed to immediately seek medical attention. In the case that you or a loved one is bitten by a wild animal, it is important to call your doctor immediately. Depending on the description of the bat and the boosters you have one file, your doctor will determine whether or not you need emergency services. If a pet is bitten, take them to the emergency vert clinic right away.

Which Diseases Only Affect Bats?

There are some diseases that can affect bats, but cannot be transmitted to other mammals. The most common disease is called White Nose Syndrome (WNS). It gets its name from the distinctive symptoms it renders in bats, namely a white fungal growth on their noses, muzzles, and other areas of the body. Geomyces destructans is a newly-discovered fungus that is suspected to cause White Nose Syndrome in bats. Bats infected with White Nose Syndrome will show strange signs and exhibit odd behaviors. This includes daytime activity and clustering near the entry points of their roost. In North America, this disease is spreading quickly among Microchiroptera populations, and has caused millions of bat fatalities.

My List of the Five Deadliest Communicable Diseases

I was reading a very interesting article entitled “The Five Deadliest Diseases in History” where the author looked at the deadliest diseases in history in terms of number of deaths over time.

I wanted to do something similar but from a different angle. My list includes 5 diseases that are always or nearly always fatal.

Some of these diseases are quite rare, some are well known. Some have no treatment options available and some have antibiotic, vaccination or other treatment, however death is a sure thing without appropriate and timely treatment.

The dictionary definition of case-fatality rate is the proportion of individuals contracting a disease who die of that disease. The following communicable diseases have a case-fatality rate of one hundred or nearly 100 percent.

Prion Disease

The prion diseases or transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE) are characterized by progressive, deterioration of the brain. The human prion diseases are always fatal.

The TSE’s include Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and all its variants, kuru and Gerstmann-Staussler-Scheinker syndrome.

Though not fully characterized, a prion is an abnormally folded protein which can have long incubation times of many years.

Human prion disease can be acquired through diet, medical treatment, surgery or blood transfusion and some are considered genetic. There is no treatment for human prion disease.

Naegleria fowleri

Infection with this free-living amoeba known as primary amoebic meningoencephalitis (PAM) is nearly 100 percent fatal even with treatment.

The amoeba invades the brain through the nose while people partake in recreational water activities in warm, fresh water. The amoeba finds its way to the brain when water rushes up the nose and destroys the tissue of the brain.

Symptoms of this very rare disease include severe frontal headache, hallucinations, fever and death occurs within 10 days.

Untreated Rabies

This viral disease that people get through the bite of an infected animal is nearly 100% fatal in the absence of timely vaccination and rabies immunoglobulin.

Headache, fever, hydrophobia, delirium and occasionally convulsions are the symptoms seen before coma and death occurs.

Rabies is not a rare disease and 55,000 people die this horrible death worldwide mostly in developing countries because of inadequate or no post-exposure treatment.

Untreated Septicemic and Pneumonic Plague

While untreated bubonic plague has a case fatality rate of up to 60%, untreated septicemic and pneumonic plague are invariably fatal.

Plague is caused by infection with the bacterium, Yersinia pestis. People typically get this disease from the bite of a plague-infected flea. With timely and appropriate antibiotic treatment, all forms of plague can be countered.

Untreated African Sleeping Sickness

This disease which is restricted to certain areas of Africa is fatal without appropriate treatment. This parasitic disease from the Trypanosoma species is transmitted to people through the bite of the tse tse fly.

This disease starts out with fever, headache and joint pain later to invade the central nervous system.

At this point confusion and a disturbed sleep cycle kicks in and without treatment, coma and death will ensue.

The following communicable diseases get honorable mention as being close to having a 100 percent case-fatality rate:

Up to 90% case-fatality: Ebola virus

Up to 85% case-fatality: untreated inhalation anthrax

Up to 80% case-fatality: Marburg virus

Over 70% case fatality: Herpes B virus